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This site holds professional information about Lynn Wilson Brallier, Ph.D., M.S.N., and offers descriptions of her audio recordings and a selection of her writings that may be downloaded for personal use or for use in a course if you are an educator.

About Dr. Lynn Wilson Brallier

In 1977, Dr. Brallier founded the Stress & Health Management Center on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., a clinical practice offering individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy as well as hypnosis and imagery, biofeedback therapy, energy healing, message therapy, and consultation on general health status. The Center also offered cutting edge seminars and workshops on many stress management topics and a course on meditation. Consultation was also provided to individuals, government agencies, private organizations, and work groups.

Dr. Brallier is the author of the first comprehensive textbook on stress and its management for health care professions entitled Successfully Managing Stress. She also produced several biofeedback-validated audio imager recordings for purposes such as deep relaxation and restful sleep. Much of her clinical work, teaching, and writing has been focused on health care providers, helping them become experts in the management of their own stress and energy so they would be able to deliver the best possible political persuasions were treated. At the Center, located in the midst of the focal point for our national political life, people of all political persuasions were treated. Nearly one-half of the people in Dr. Brallier’s care at any given time were very seriously ill with cancer and AIDS, leading her to devise individualized many-faceted pain management and end-of-life care approaches.

Dr. Brallier has often been asked to speak in the US, Canada, and Europe about her expanded concepts of health care delivery and her activism on behalf of higher quality compassionate caregiving and has been participant in many radio and television shows on these subjects. Since the mid-1970s, she has been a science-based and results-based participant in writing and speaking about her expanded-role clinical work that, over the years, progressed through stages of being called Holistic Health, Alternative Health care, and Integrative Health Care. Dr. Brallier’s preference from the outset in the 1970s was the concept of Integrative Health Care rather than a separate specialty designation since so many aspects of the holistic model like stress management, nutritional counseling, and energy healing with acupuncture or Therapeutic Touch can be integrated seamlessly into general and specialty medical and nursing practices.

During the years when her practice was seen as innovative and even radical, Dr. Brallier assisted many other practitioners around the country to expand and integrate their own therapeutic knowledge and skill base, enabling them to help people to stay well, recover from illness faster, or die in the least stressful manner possible and as close as possible to their own directives.